Schedule for Spring 2013:


By the end of Feb: concept+domain+reference+precedent/ writing draft/ documentation (blog)

By the end of Mar: Introduction+methodology+user scenario+evaluation 

Physical+Digital process:


week#2 (Feb.4th-10th): Prototype I (Paper Cut), Video Recording I (sample)

week#3 (Feb.11th-17th): Prototype II (Plywood), Video Recording II, Writing draft (by 5:00pm Feb.15th Friday)

week#4 (Feb.18th-24th): Prototype III (sculpey), Video Recoding III, User Testing I


week#5 (Feb.25th-Mar.3rd): Prototype IV (Forest Book), Video Recording IV, User Testing II

week#6 (Mar.4th-10th): Final Product


The New Schedule:

week#5 (Feb.25th-Mar.3rd):


Wood cut (Laser cut) Prototype


A. the notes of the failure of a sclupey made prototype (belongs to Material Testing)

B. organize and finish Chapter I: Introduction, Concept + Motivation +Problem Statement + Inspiration

week#6 (Mar.4th -10th)


A. User testing of a wood made construction

B. Mini-projector setting and security problem

C. collect the source of live recording


A. Mar. 4th Writing center, correct the grammar and structure of Chapter I

B. User testing report, organize and finish

C. organize and finish Chapter II: Design Questions, Domains, Precedents

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