Lighting Design Testing

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Electroluminescent Ribbon

IMG_5760 IMG_5767 IMG_5776 IMG_5774

The white LED ribbon in dark. Outline the shape of the construction.

IMG_5784 IMG_5783 IMG_5785 IMG_5786

Why I chose the white LED ribbon?

For the final version, the frames are all white, and the construction (borders+paper cutting sides) will be painted white.

I believe cold light, especially, the white one can be caught up early in a dark space. In addition, this white is so pure, it won’t smudge the the other colors of mapping.

IMG_5789 IMG_5794 IMG_5797

Connected with triac, get easy for electricity supply, and can be controled by Arduino.

Electricity supply:

*Battery is also ok.

*A better solution: alternating current (AC).

A problem should be considered: the INPUT. Still need one more testing.


delay (30000): as the footage (the video) will be looped, for each time, when the video begins, the ribbon will be turn off, when the video ends, the ribbon will be turn on. “delay (30000)” is the other loop.

Testing video


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