Projection Mapping Testing_4

Projection mapping testing_4: Tracing the edges of the construction IV

(April. 12th)

All the same steps.

* Set up with an angle.

IMG_5520 IMG_5523

Projecting two sides of box, both the front side and the left side.

IMG_5527 IMG_5545

The views of the mapping.

* The same problem: the mapping and the box can’t be perfect match to each other.

So far, the biggest issue is the ” no – match”. It is so hard to calculate the angle and distance between the construction and the projector. But I if do the horizontally thing can be much easier, and the view can be better.

IMG_5569 IMG_5571

The left side is with a building-shaped paper cut in front of the vellum paper.

IMG_5559  IMG_5565

The views of left side mapping.


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