Projection Mapping Testing_3

Projection mapping testing_3: Tracing the edges of the construction III

(April. 11th)

I did all the same steps for this testing. Foe this time, the difference was that I put the smaller-scale box on the desk horizontally, without angles, which meant the front side of the box was facing toward the camera horizontally. When I did the mapping stuff, as the box was horizontally settled on the desk, it was much easier to find out the right place to project directly.


Front side: paper cut based on a subway illustration, showed on vellum paper.

* Why choose vellum paper? This question leads to the materials issue. 

[The choice of the materials:

Texture of the frame (borders): option a, cardboard; option b, foam care; option c, plywood (for future)

Color of the frame (borders): white. To consider about the mapping is with bright colors, the soleplate should be clean. In this testing, the frame is the soleplate for the mapping. I believe the white frame can be helpful to the final mapping view, as no color will be mixed with the colors of the mapping.

The screen: made of vellum paper. Vellum paper is light, transparent, white, and perfect matches to the mapping, and the video.]

IMG_5497 IMG_5500

a, Projecting horizontally;

b, Projecting with a random angle. (Just turned the box with a random angle, no movement of the tripod/ projector.)


The box is set with tree-shaped paper cut in front. The trees can make another layer for the mapping.

IMG_5506 IMG_5511

The views of adding another layer with these trees.

The shadow of the tree projected on the front side with the subway illustration made the mapping to be a kind of three-dimensional stuff.


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