Projection Mapping Testing_2

Projection mapping testing_2: Tracing the edges of the construction II


Step One:

I made a new smaller-scale box with white cardboard. It is also hollow one, and composed by frames.

size: 18cm * 18cm * 10cm/ width of the borders: 2cm

Why I made this small box? It can be easier for prototyping, also for illustrating.

Step Two: (The same step as I did in Testing_1)

Set up the tripod, and put the camera on it, then took a picture of the construction.

Step Three: (The same step as I did in Testing_1)

Based on the picture, trace the edges of construction in Photoshop with different bright colors.

IMG_5467 testing_1

Step Four:

Set up the projector on the tripod with the same place and angle as the camera.

For this time, I thought I did more carefully when I was setting up the projector, but the tripod still moved a little bit. The mapping thing was displaced again.

IMG_5469 IMG_5475 IMG_5478

Therefore, I did all the steps again.

IMG_5480 testing_2

The the view of the mapping was much better with a correct angle this time. Actually, there was still a tiny “dislocation”.

IMG_5481 IMG_5482 IMG_5483


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