Projection Mapping Testing_1

Projection mapping testing_1: Tracing the edges of the construction


Step One:

I made a box with white foam care board. It is hollow, just composed by frames.

size: 46.6cm*38.4cm*18.4cm/ width of the borders: 2cm

Step Two:

Set up the tripod, and put the camera on it, then took a picture of the construction.

IMG_5444 IMG_5465

Step Three:

Based on the picture, trace the edges of construction in Photoshop with different bright colors.

I chose these bright colors, because I really want my audience can see the project in a dark space at short notice.

fame_mapping_illus frame_in_space

Step Four:

Set up the projector on the tripod with the same place and angle as the camera.

BUT! Unfortunately, when I set up the projector, I kicked the tripod unguardedly. The tripod moved a lot.
So for the finally projecting effects, it made me so disappointed.

IMG_5454 (It is displaced a lot. The black ones are the frames in darkness.)IMG_5460 (Projecting on the wall.)


In Testing_1, I learned how to make the 3D mapping with a single image;

The angle and distance between the projector and the construction are so important.

They may conduce the testing to a perfect effect or not.


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