Post-Iteration after Midterm Critique

After the midterm critique, I thought I should figure out the darkness issue first.

As, The City is a projection mapping, how to do the mapping stuff is the most important and interesting point.

Based on the earlier prototype, I just used one projector, and set it at the back of the construction, the lighting from the projector is so limited. Although the audience can see the video through the paper cut trees, they may not notice the other parts and details of The City – the physical part. I did a lot for the structure of the show box, especially, hanging the book – Here is New York in the middle of it. Unfortunately, as the environment for exhibiting is too dark, the audience can’t see the book, but just the black shapes of the trees and roots in dark.

So I tried to make the construction be “lighten up”.


I set two projectors for the construction (horizonally):

one is still at the back, projection the video about New York City daily life; the other one is in front of the show box, mapping the frame of the box and the book, trees and root inside the box.

As the mapping is with bright colors, the show box is kind of be “lighten up”. At least, people can catch the structure and details of the show box – a box in a dark space with a book hanging inside, trees are growing on the book, the roots are coming down from the book.

IMG_2260 IMG_2262

(The show box is projected by two projectors.)


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