Prototype IV: Show-box

IMG_5026 IMG_5027 IMG_5028 IMG_5032 IMG_5029 IMG_5030   IMG_5040

All the info of the show-box:
Size: 42.4cm * 38.4cm * 22 cm (±0.1cm)
Each of the screens: 19.2cm * 34.2 cm (±0.1cm) (Based on the scale of 16:9 wide screen)
material of the box: hard cardboard (for future: plywood)
material of the screen: vellum paper (for future, not sure so far)
The trees: going to illustrate the shape of Sugar Maple. As it is New York State tree.
Problems that I have:
1, The middle level (the transparent plastic level) for settling the book is not strong enough. The book is a hardcover one, it is heavy. When I put the book on the middle level for a while, the middle level was crushed down. Not sure should I set up a middle level for the book, or just hang the book in the middle of the box, and no touch to each side of the box, also hide the wire and joint somewhere.
2, Here is a distance between the screen and the trees, maybe that is the reason why the video is so fuzzy. Still need more testing for this part.

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