#Need Help#

Hey, everyone! I am wondering that who can give me a hand!

My Mac is broken. I sent it to the Genius Bar at Apple Store two weeks ago. After the physical test, they told me everything was GOOD!

BUT! Sometimes, when I closed it (not shut down), I couldn’t wake it up again! I could see the white battery light *breathing* all the time while it was closed. When I tired to open it, the screen showed nothing (not dark, but really black!), and the white battery light stopped *breathing*.

The worse, it showed couple of stylish faces to me these days:



It is so randomly. But actually, it happened so usually these days.
I went to the Genius Bar again, they said “might be something wrong with the Graphic Card, or might be the battery, or might be something else.” They can’t be sure! May need to be sent back to manufactory for a testing, within 7-10 business days.

Did anybody had this kind of problem before? Who can give me a suggestion?

Really, can’t wait! A lot of stuff to do with my Mac!!! T_T

Thank you!!!

An iPhone talking…


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