Reference: 4d Projection

You may be able to SEE these 4d video’s on your screen at the moment, but you can only EXPERIENCE 4D Projection by being there. 4d Projection is a new age form of advertising that is accomplished by using image mapping and projections on the surface of a building, while incorporating any other form of your additional senses, such as smell, for example.

If you have ever seen a movie at Disney World you will know what ‘4d Movie Theaters’ are all about. If you haven’t experienced a 4d film, this is just like a regular movie – except your seat, and the seats around you, will work in conjunction with the movie and play a part in the overall ‘experience’, granting you physical effects to match the movie you are watching.

For example, you may feel a slow mist on your face while the character is in the middle of an ocean scene, or maybe you will feel a blast of heat from in front or beneath your seat if there is an explosion in the movie. These are just a few of the physical effects you can experience while watching a 4d film. The ‘Fourth Dimension’ that is referenced is in regards to your senses.

4d Projection and 4d Advertising are very similar in the way that they try to incorporate your senses into their overall message. Scent is just one method that was used for Ralph Lauren’s 4d Runway Projection in London and New York in late 2010. Those that were lucky enough to be there got to experience the scent of his newest perfume in synch with the visual projection.

The limits that will be pushed with this newest form of ‘4d advertising’ will be tracked here, at ‘’, so make sure you tell your friends, bookmark us and check back to see the latest.



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